Lights is an illuminated walking trail that leads viewers through a series of immersive light installations featuring webs, vines, crystals and other natural features integrated into the forest. The experience offers a range of approachable, multi-sensory works created by artist Meredith Connelly that are site-specific to the Whitewater Center.


  • Availability: 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Sunday – Thursday and 6:00pm – 10:00pm, Friday – Saturday from Mid-November through February 15th
    • Pursuant to NC Executive Order #181, Lights will be powered down at 10:00pm each evening. Access to the trail will be restricted after 9:45pm.
  • Price: Free and open to all ages
  • Weather: Lights is a rain or shine program. In the event of severe weather, the Whitewater Center reserves the right to close the experience.

About The Artist

Local artist Meredith Connelly is equally inspired by science, nature, and technology. Connelly illuminates her installations, often encasing them in everyday manufactured materials to reveal to their surprisingly organic qualities. To further connect and submerge viewers into her glowing environments, the artist incorporates interactive elements into her sculptures while exploring themes of perception, scale, and space.

Connelly shares, “Walking in nature is a foundational part of my creative process, and the design concepts behind Lights vividly came to life as I explored the wooded trails of the Whitewater Center. All encompassing, warm, and curious, this series of work taps into the innate connection human beings have with light and nature, bringing my work beyond the confines of manmade structures home to the spaces that inspired.”

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