Confluence: Where music gathers. Where local musicians meet the stage. Where crowds meet their new favorite band. And where industry professionals meet local artists. Whitewater’s first multi-stage music festival, Confluence is both festival and platform – for musicians to perform and learn, and for music lovers to discover and enjoy.

Focusing on the local Charlotte music scene, Confluence will feature panel discussions, workshops, and clinics for artists to learn from local and national professionals across areas like artist development, branding, songwriting, and recording.  While music lovers roam the Vendor Village and hop from one stage to the next, those interested in the music industry’s behind the scenes can engage in workshops and conversations about marketing, revenue generation, booking and buyer process, and the economics of live shows. Whether your interest is playing, learning, or listening, Confluence is the meeting place.

As with all Whitewater festivals, Confluence is open to the public and does not require tickets. Full schedule coming soon.

Artist Submission

If you are interested in performing at Confluence, please submit a band submission form. Only bands that have been approved and booked may take the stage at this time.


Confluence invites local artisans who are well versed in the world of instrument construction and repair, recording studios, record shops, music instruction, and skilled craftsmenship to apply to join the Vendor Village. Confluence is seeking vendors who want to join Whitewater in a gathering of musical minds and share their craft in helping to foster the Charlotte music community.