Whitewater Race Series Half Marathon Series

Five options, 13.1 miles of trails each. Think you have what it takes? If so, it’s time to compete in the Whitewater Race Series 2019 edition of the Half Marathon Series. Beginning with The New South Trail Half Marathon in March, runners will jockey for various awards and prizes over the course of all five races. The series concludes with the Wild Vine Half Marathon in late September. If you’re ready to test your long distance trail running in 2019, look no further.

Event Details:

  • Tuck Fest Half Marathon
    • Friday, April 26, 2019
    • *Note: Half Marathon Series participants must choose the timing chip option during Tuck Fest registration to be eligible for Half Marathon Series awards


  • See each individual race webpage for specific registration information


The Half Marathon Series awards will be determined by the following:

  • Runners must run in at least 3 of the 5 races to be eligible for series awards
  • Runners must run the Half Marathon distance each race to be eligible for the series awards
  • Points will be assigned to the top 25 Male/Female placing runners for each Half Marathon Series event
    • 1st place = 25 points, 2nd place = 24 points, 3rd place = 23 points … 25th place = 1 point
  • Only the top 3 scoring races for each runner will be used when calculating the series awards
  • If necessary, the fastest average time of the point scoring races will be used as a tie breaker
  • Half Marathon Series award winners do not have to be present to accept series award
  • USNWC staff will contact winners upon completion of the fifth and final event of the series
  • Series awards must be picked up at the USNWC no later than Thanksgiving

In addition to the individual race awards and the Half Marathon Series awards, participants will also automatically be entered into a drawing for each Half Marathon race in which they participate. (ie: 2 races throughout the year equals 2 entries and 5 races equals 5 entries). 5 winners will be drawn at the completion of the Half Marathon Series for a Whitewater Race Series prize pack.

Runners that participate in all 5 Half Marathons within the 2019 calendar year will automatically receive a custom Half Marathon Series Deuter Speed Lite Pack. Runners may also complete The New South Trail Full Marathon as well as the 4 remaining Half Marathons to receive the custom award, however the point accumulation for Series awards is based solely on Half Marathons.

  • Registrants must contact us at racedirector@usnwc.org to verify participation before October 1st in order to receive a Deuter Speed Lite Pack.
  • Half Marathon Series custom awards must be picked up at the USNWC no later than Thanksgiving, 2019

2018 Half Marathon Series Results:

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2016 Half Marathon Series Results:

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