Long Creek Adventure Race: 4 Hour and 8 Hour

The Long Creek Adventure Race tests teams of two or three, as well as solo participants, to utilize their navigation and endurance skills during this 4 or 8 hour multi discipline adventure. Designed to engage participants via foot, bike and paddle, racers will traverse 40 – 60 miles of various forms including singletrack trails, flatwater, paved roads and forested land to find a series of self-plotted UTM coordinate checkpoints. Racers will use an map provided at the start of the race to seek out the checkpoints dispersed throughout the USNWC property, surrounding public lands and Catawba River. Strategy is vital when setting your course to capture each checkpoint as there is no right or wrong route. Teams/Solo participants with the most completed check points in the least amount of time will come out on top.

For those new to adventure racing, the USNWC will be hosting a free clinic for all race participants the Friday night before the race. This clinic will go over the basics of map and compass navigation, along with reviewing how to use a map protractor to plot UTM points.

Event Details:

  • Date – Saturday, November 23, 2019
  • Distance – Varies: Based on chosen route
  • Start Time – 9:00am


  • Note: Participants can compete as a solo, teams of 2, teams of 3 or teams of 4.
  • Pre-registration – Must register by November 22
    • 4 Hour
      • Solo: $50
      • 2 Person Teams: $90
      • 3 Person Teams: $130
      • 4 Person Teams: $170
    • 8 Hour
      • Solo: $60
      • 2 Person Teams: $95
      • 3 Person Teams: $135
      • 4 Person Teams: $175
  • Race day registration – if available
    • 4 Hour
      • Solo: $55
      • 2 Person Teams: $95
      • 3 Person Teams: $135
      • 4 Person Teams: $175
    • 8 Hour
      • Solo: $65
      • 2 Person Teams: $100
      • 3 Person Teams: $140
      • 4 Person Teams: $180
  • Kayak reservations made through the USNWC will be an additional $10 charge and will include a vessel, paddle and PFD. Reservations can be made during registration.
  • Note: Recover Brands shirts are only guaranteed to teams who pre-register by November 15


Friday, November 22

  • 5:30pm – 6:30pm Optional map and compass navigation clinic
    • This free clinic for racers will go over the basic techniques for using a map and compass to plot UTM points. This clinic will be held at the USNWC (standard parking fees apply)
    • Any racers who are not advanced in map and compass navigation are highly encouraged to attend this optional clinic

Saturday, November 23

  • 7:30am – Day-of registration and packet pick-up begins – Ridge Pavilion
  • 8:45am – Day-of registration and packet pick-up ends
  • 8:50am – Mandatory pre-race meeting for all participants
  • 9:00am – Long Creek Adventure Race starts (4 Hour and 8 Hour)
  • 1:00pm – Long Creek Adventure Race – 4 Hour Division Ends
    • Note: Teams that are not back by this time will be Disqualified… plan accordingly
  • 1:30pm – 4 Hour Division Awards
  • 5:00pm – Long Creek Adventure Race – 8 Hour Division Ends
    • Note: Teams that are not back by this time will be Disqualified… plan accordingly
  • 5:30pm – 8 Hour Division Awards


  • Teams will be ranked on the total number of points collected from successfully completing various checkpoints
  • Points will be worth more than time
  • Tiebreaker will go to the team which collects the most points in the fastest time


  • There is no marked/set course. Teams must strategically complete as many checkpoints as possible in the least amount of time
  • Each team will be given one map prior to the start of the race at check-in
  • Teammates must always be in visual contact of each other
  • Cell phones/GPS are not permitted (except in emergency scenario)
  • PFD’s must be worn for paddle portion
  • Helmet must be worn for biking portion
  • Racers must stay within marked boundary lines
  • Watercrafts must be picked up and dropped off at the flatwater dock
  • Altering or moving any race course markings will result in a DQ
  • Any team withdrawing from the race must notify race officials


  • Pack to carry gear
  • Snacks/food for replenishment
  • Hydration
  • Closed toe shoes
  • Compass
  • Map Protractor
  • Bicycle (for off road use) and helmet
  • Kayak, paddle and PFD (can be rented from USNWC)
  • Headlamp (8 Hour only)
  • Bike Lights (8 Hour only)
  • Cell phone (for emergency use)
  • Pencil
  • Permanent marker


  • Personal first aid kit
  • Bike repair kit
  • Bike gloves
  • Gaiters
  • Portage wheel
  • Rain gear
  • Extra layers
  • Dry bag
  • Map bag

Race Document:

Long Creek Adventure Race – 2019 Race Document


Awards will be given out to the top three in the following divisions

4 Hour:
– Men’s solo
– Women’s solo
– Team Women’s
– Team Men’s
– Team Co-ed

8 Hour:
– Men’s solo
– Women’s solo
– Team Women’s
– Team Men’s
– Team Co-ed


2019 Long Creek Adventure Race Results:

4 Hour – Combined

8 Hour – Combined

2018 Long Creek Adventure Race Results:

4 Hour Men’s Solo

4 Hour Women’s Teams

4 Hour Co-Ed Teams

4 Hour Men’s Teams


8 Hour Men’s Solo

8 Hour Co-Ed Teams

8 Hour Men’s Team



Additional Event Info:

  • Volunteers 
  • Waiver Policy 
    • May be printed and brought to packet pick-up or completed on site.  
    • The waiver is not included in the online registration form.  
  • Refund and Transfer Policy 
    • Race Registration is non-refundable 
    • A 100% registration transfer must be requested 2 months (or more) in advance of race day via racedirector@usnwc.org 
    • A 50% registration transfer must be requested 1 month (or more) in advance of race day via racedirector@usnwc.org 
    • Registration transfers are only applicable to the same race the following year 
  • Forgotten Add-On Gear/Participant items 
    • All purchased add-on gear must be collected during packet pick-up 
    • Items will not be shipped 
    • If items are unable to be picked up during packet pick-up, you must arrange pick-up with racedirector@usnwc.org and collect from Outfitters within one week from event date 
    • The race director will not email you to arrange your pick-up 
    • All unclaimed items will be donated 
    • Typical parking fees apply 
  • Forgotten Awards 
    • Applies to participant shirts, finisher’s awards and age group/overall awards.  
    • Participants not present for awards may collect their award from Outfitters within two months of the race date 
    • Items will not be shipped 
    • All unclaimed items will be donated 
    • Participants must email racedirector@usnwc.org to arrange award pick-up 
    • Typical parking fees apply 
  • Trail Marking 
    • Designated race course will be denoted by colored arrows. 
    • Color associated with specific route will be communicated during prerace announcements.  
    • Whenever possible, mile markers will be present along the course. 
    • Whitewater Race Series events take place on multiple surfaces, including natural surface trails over uneven terrain. As such, race distances and mile markers are approximate. 
    • Your personal mileage may vary. It is our goal to ensure that you travel at no less than the posted mileage for a given race.  
  • Trail Safety  
    • Trails will be open to other runners, hikers and bikers 
    • Headphones, iPods, MP3 players, etc are strongly discouraged 
    • Remain attentive and courteous at all times 
    • Communicate when passing other trail users 
    • No pets allowed on the course 
    • No E-bikes or any form of powered transportation will be allowed in any Whitewater Race Series events 
    • During events taking place after sunset, all participants are required to carry/wear a light source.  
  • Race Bibs 
    • Race bib must be visible and worn on the front of shirt to receive an accurate time 
    • Pacers 
    • Unless otherwise stated in the event specific race document, pacers are not allowed in Whitewater Race Series events 
    • When pacers are allowed, pacers must check in/register with the Race Director and complete an assumption of risk agreement 
  • Aid Stations 
    • See Course Map for aid station locations 
    • Unless otherwise indicated, aid stations will consist of water only 
    • Plan accordingly if you think you may require additional hydration or nutrition during the race 
  • Weather Policy 
    • Event will proceed rain or shine unless conditions are deemed unsafe by the Race Director.
    • Any changes will be communicated via email by the Race Director 
  • Parking Policy 
    • All guests are required to pay a $6 parking fee at the Whitewater Center unless guest has an annual parking pass. Annual parking passes are available through the Whitewater Center for $50 
  • Emergency Policy 
    • The Whitewater Center does not conduct trail rescues in the event of an emergency. Participants must call 911 if emergency vehicles and operations are needed. There are emergency location markers to communicate where emergency personnel can find you