Homeschool Adventures Details


Homeschool Adventures combine elements of STEM topic-based programming with a USNWC Day Pass. From team building to science experiments, our programs are specifically designed for the homeschool community.

Homeschool Adventures – $59/student (ages 10+); $49/student (ages 9 & under)


1. Please review the Programs List below and choose the date(s) that you would like to attend.

2. Book online or over the phone.


  • Grades K-12
    • Students will be grouped based on grade level (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12)
  • Homeschool Adventures only run on specified weekdays during the school year


Each Homeschool Adventure will be led by an USNWC Outdoor School staff member. Group size may vary during programs and activities.


Each educational program lasts 2 hours. Prior to and after the class, homeschool students will have the rest of the day to participate in a variety of land and water based activities.  Duration of activities is subject to hours of operation for that day. A daily activity schedule is available on the USNWC Calendar. If you plan on rafting, you can pre-book your raft trip for an additional $5 per person here or sign up day of for the next available trip at no extra charge.


The USNWC has a variety of lunch options for the day. Boxed lunch packages are also available upon request.

Homeschool Adventures Program List

Homeschool Adventures include an Education Program plus a Day Pass, which allows you to access various USNWC pass activities.

Snake Discovery | September 14th, 10:00am – 12:00pm:

What has scales, no ears and a forked tongue? Snakes! Snakes are often misunderstood but they have some amazing adaptations! Students will learn how snakes use these adaptations to survive in different habitats as well as their role in the ecosystem. They will even meet and get to touch a live snake!

For detailed information about Homeschool Adventure programs and activities, please contact the Outdoor School: 704.391.3900 x 287 or