Whitewater Kayaking

The world’s largest man-made whitewater river is just minutes from Downtown Charlotte. A major advantage of kayaking at the USNWC is the consistent quality of rapids and the limited amount of flatwater. Paddlers with whitewater specific boats and all the associated equipment can enjoy world class whitewater nine months of the year. Additionally slalom athletes demonstrate skills while training or competing in Olympic style racing events throughout the year.

Because whitewater kayaking is inherently risky, all kayakers should have previous experience in Class III whitewater and must provide their own boat, helmet, paddle, spray skirt and personal floatation device. If you do not have previous experience, we offer professional whitewater kayaking instruction.

Experienced Whitewater Kayakers (with equipment and class III experience)

  • Purchase a QuickSport Pass, AllSport Day Pass, or Season Pass to secure public water time.
  • Check the Activity Schedule for Water Times
  • Check in at the Kayak Center

New to Whitewater Kayaking

Slalom Athletes

  1. Purchase a QuickSport Pass, AllSport Day Pass or Season Pass to secure public water time.
  2. On the Activity Schedule, under Water Times, check to see when exclusive slalom sessions are available.
  3. Exclusive slalom sessions cost $10 per session, per paddler, regardless of ownership of an AllSport Season Pass or staff member status. A select handful of U.S. Team athletes are permitted into the slalom sessions at no cost.
  4. For more information check out the Slalom Page or contact the Kayak Center at 704.391.3900 x192