Land Navigation

This Land Navigation course will give you the confidence needed to navigate anywhere in the world without fear of getting lost, whether on vacation with your family or in a survival situation. We’ll help you see three dimensions of the land in the two dimensions of a topographic map by teaching you how to read contour lines, landmarks, other map features, magnetic north and true north on a compass. After covering the fundamentals we will have a team map and compass challenge. Maps and compasses will be provided.

Course Information

  • Price: $65 per person
  • Duration: 1 days
  • Ages: 10+
  • Minimum Participants: 6
  • Maximum Participants: 12

Skills Introduced & Utilized:

  • Types/parts of Maps and map symbols
  • Parts of the Compass
  • Contour Intervals
  • Declination Diagram
  • Measuring distance
  • How to plot points on a map
  • How to plot a 4,6 and 8 digit grid coordinate
  • Land Navigation

Land Navigation Dates:

Available Dates:

  • No classes scheduled at this time. Please check back soon.