EA III incorporates one (1) of our EA classes with a USNWC Day Pass, which provides access to the available USNWC pass activities listed below. Rafting reservations will be scheduled by our Outdoor School staff.

EA III is priced at $49/student in non-peak season (Nov. – Feb.) and $59/student during peak season (Mar. – Oct.).


1. School trip coordinator will need to decide which classes and/or activities in which you would like to participate. Please choose classes from our EA Class List and activities from the USNWC Pass Activity Options listed below.

2. For more detailed information about EA programs and activities, please contact the Outdoor School: 704.391.3900 (Ext. 287) or campstaff@usnwc.org

3. Download the Waiver. All participants and chaperones must have a completed waiver, signed by a parent or guardian.


  • Grades 3-12 are eligible.
  • Minimum of 15 students.
  • EA programs run only on weekdays during the school year.


Prior to arrival at the USNWC, students will need to be split into teams of 30. The school trip coordinator must provide at least one (1) chaperone for every 20 students. Each team of students will be led by an USNWC Outdoor School staff member. Group size may vary during programs and activities.


EA programs vary in length. Please discuss the duration of your stay with our Outdoor School staff to decide which programs and activities will best suit your visit. Pass activity hours vary throughout the year, and are available on the USNWC Calendar.


Boxed lunch packages are available upon request.


The following USNWC pass activities are available with EA III:


  • Whitewater Rafting

Hawk Island

  • Figure 8
  • Double Down
  • River Course
  • Triple Track
  • Hawk Jumps
  • Deep Water Solo

Canyon Area Activities

  • Canyon Crossing
  • Canyon Spur
  • Canyon Zip
  • Double Cross
  • Canyon Jump

Ridge Area Activities

  • Adventure Course
  • Ridge Course
  • Ridge Jump
  • Ridge Traverse
  • Ridge Challenge

Climbing Center

  • Climbing Wall
  • Spire
  • Bouldering Area
  • Obstacle Challenge

Trail Center

  • Mountain Biking


  • Flatwater Kayaking
  • Stand-up Paddleboarding

Please be aware that all of our activities have capacity limits and are subject to seasonal and weather closures which may limit the availability of a particular activity on the day of your visit. Also, note that each activity has an age or size qualifier. Our Outdoor School coordinator can help you determine suitable activities for your students.

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To book or learn more about an Educational Adventure program, please contact the Outdoor School at 704.391.3900 (Ext.287).