AllSport Season Pass

Like the AllSport Pass, the AllSport Season Pass gives you unlimited access to enjoy all the activities that the USNWC offers. This pass, however, is valid until the end of the calendar year. Youth (9 years & under) $169 and Adults (10 years & up) $199.

Raft Reservations

Raft reservations aren’t required, but we recommend purchasing a reservation as it is the only way to guarantee a specific rafting time slot. Without a reservation, rafting is offered on a first come first serve basis. Raft reservations are $5 per person and must be used in conjunction with an AllSport Pass or an AllSport Season Pass.

AllSport Pass

The AllSport Pass is the best way to experience all that the USNWC has to offer. This pass allows access to any and all flatwater, whitewater and land activities in a day’s time. Youth (9 years & under) $49 and Adults (10 years & up) $59 per person.

Raft Canopy Pass

Looking for adventure on the water and in the trees? Enjoy the best of both with the Raft Canopy Pass. Guests will venture through half of the USNWC’s Canopy Tour (roughly 1.5 hours), as well as an Adventure Rafting trip down the world’s largest manmade whitewater river.

CoolSport Pass

Save whitewater rafting for another day with the CoolSport Pass, which can be used for all land and flatwater activities. Youth (9 years & under) $44 and Adults (10 years & up) $49 per person.

Canopy Tour

Enjoy a 3-4 hour guided trip along the Catawba River with our Canopy Tour Pass. Participants will travel through the trees to 14 platforms via cargo net climbs, rappel stations, sky bridges, seven zip-lines and more. $89 per person.

Annual Parking Pass

Parking is $5 for a day pass, or $40 for an annual pass. In order to keep our trail system healthy, we apply all parking revenue directly to the expenses associated with trail upkeep and maintenance.The 2016 Annual Parking Pass is valid through December, 31st 2016.